The Bemused Case of Intellectual Prejudice

India has seen a lot of upsurge in the name of digitization with people opting for smart hand held devices and wi-fi connectivity to showcase themselves as the acceptance and adaptation to the digital era. We, the poor Indian, fail to understand the very meaning of the word digitization. Our mindset is yet to develop further and our intelligence has miles to catch up to think beyond. We are still seeking solace in the virtual world. Social maturity and adaptation is far beyond our recognition. We often long in luxurious vehicles and we do not know how to drive in a single lane or we are unaware of the existence of any traffic sense. We live in a world of understanding where we only know traffic sense as street red light which we feel privileged to jump very often. We talk a lot on smart world where we have never ever heard anything as social duties and values. This is the penury of our modern world where technological understanding and technological adaptation gap is beyond our reach.

Our Indian society is a follower society by nature. People here are off course very innovative, analytical and scientific but that is limited to individualistic case and when the case is society based, everyone seems so dumb. Our senses get paralyzed. We cannot even think of on the same line as we have been on individual case, forget about application as a whole. This is probably because of years of social development where divide and rule has the norms of society. The same case has engulfed our mindset. We might be a scholar but we are too wanting when the application comes to fore fold. Perhaps this is the main reason for us to adapt and accept to what is already trending and existing rather than innovating leading to serious dearth of origin and rather a blatant adaptation of anything and everything. I could sense the similar way of understanding and adaptation among corporate intellectuals. There is a very good reference which I could recall during one of my visit to a corporate for business association. I was so bemused by their understanding and such a strong pressing of their belief. We learn something and adapt the same into our mind and belief with such a strong conviction that even our years of learning and experience hardly shakes it. Let me elucidate the incident a little bit.

Today I went to meet a financial consultancy firm which was situated at prime location full of white collar grey matters. I was introduced to the CEO of the firm who was courteous enough to welcome me and gradually we shifted our handshakes to professional talks. The CEO had many doubts about my business and I was making him understand the nature of my business operations and functioning. After hearing all these, suddenly he asked me what actually my business was on which I replied that I was running a web based portal on consultancy. He again asked me as the nature of consultancy on which I said that it was consultancy on generic nature on ecommerce module wherein people on to and fro services work irrespective of any nature and volume, interact on consultancy services at portal for mutual assistance. He stressfully insisted on knowing the specific field since they were into financial consultancy and hence they believed that consultancy can only be unidirectional domain specific. I had to make him as well as others present there, understand that it is something different and then I made them understand the ecommerce model and then the role of a web based portal which serves as an interaction platform and works are carried out in outsourcing nature between experts of specific domain and the needy users. Still I could sense bemused faces all around me. I, just then said one word to skip the topic, which was that the nature of business is outsourcing type. I do not know what they got from this but I at once found every face turning into satisfied mode. I am still not sure if they understood the nature of functioning of the ecommerce business module apart from online trading.

This is how the immature intellectual society functions in this digital era where still ecommerce model is very faintly understood and people do not understand ecommerce more than a trading portal. This is a reason of great concern where we are moving ahead pace to pace with the evolution but without any base. Our human infrastructure and its development need a great overhaul and proper in-depth training with reasoning as it lacks everywhere to understand anything out of the box. Perhaps, we need reasons to be reasoning but the time has come to be reasoning beyond reasons. How specifically to the point Chris Hedges has been in his statement, “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy”.

This is perhaps a case of serious thought and reasoning as to why we are yet to improvise and innovate although our civilization has been as old as the word ‘human’. We are very good in copying an adapting. Similar is the sense of understanding when we are not even ready to thing beyond shopping in ecommerce. We would copy a mode and start its production center on massive scale but we are not at all interested to develop a model of our own and set the trend. Off course this is a safer bet to adapt to already trial and tested but then this will never develop a society completely an independently. The society gets heavily dependent on copying and always looks for anything and everything to come up leading to be a dependent society like what we are. Whenever I go to a market I could witness a horde full of products range but how many of them can be called or referred to as native origin.

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